Weekend Recap

Technically, the weekend isn’t over since we have today off in Ontario. I am so thankful they introduced Family Day here a few years ago. It always falls the week of my birthday so it feels like a special holiday just for me 🙂

We have had some amazing and totally wild weather this weekend. On Saturday, the temperature hit 16 degrees celsius ( 61 F for my American friends)! That is insane for February here in our part of the world. It was equally beautiful yesterday and even though the temperature has come back down today, it’s sunny and very pleasant. Charlie has been loving it!

On Saturday I started the day with a Yoga with Weights class at my studio. I am still undecided on how I feel about them. I like the variety and the fast tempo, but some of the exercises really aggravate my neck and shoulder pain. After class I changed quickly to head over to a belated birthday brunch with some of my friends. Half of us are writing our Royal College speciality examinations this spring so it was a nice break! I just love the atmosphere at The French, it makes you feel so classy and grown up! Can’t wait to go back for dinner.

On Sunday, I took my sad study bag over to Durand Coffee and set up shop for a few hours. It does suck to be spending so much time studying, but their matcha tea latte and the sunny weather made up for it!

I forgot (!) to drink coffee that morning and my only caffeine came from this matcha tea latte. It is such a cool drink, but lacking in the caffeine department for me. I ended up super sleepy and hungry all day long. I had dinner around 4 and fell asleep by 8:00 p.m!

For dinner, I made gnocchi. This was my second time trying to make gnocchi. The first time was with sweet potatoes so in my mind it doesn’t really count. This time I sautéed some spinach, tomatoes and chicken sausage to add to it. I think it was a success!

Today I am back to studying! Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!

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