Lisbon Eats

One of the most important parts of a trip for me is the food. When Steven and I reminisce about trips it often sounds something like “Remember that amazing seafood place in Venice? When we ate the entire platter of grilled fish for four?” or “Remember that amazing feta we ate in Oia?”. I spent a lot of time planning our Lisbon stay because I wanted to be sure we had good access to some great restaurants. We stayed in this Airbnb. I would recommend it for 1-2 people as it’s a bit cramped, but gorgeous. Although you are in Chiado, the street is very quiet and we were well rested. My favourite part was the private terrace.

Photo credit: Airbnb

Now for some of my favourite meals in the city:


Tartine: Located fairly close to our apartment, this place was very cute. It provided a bit larger breakfast on the travel days where an espresso and pastry were not going to cut it. A bit pricey, but lots of space to sit and the freshest bread.

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Copenhagen Coffee Lab: By far my favourite breakfast. I know it’s not a traditional Portuguese breakfast, but Lisbon was our last stop on this trip and I wanted a light, but non-pastry breakfast. Everything we had here was amazing. Overnight oats with homemade granola, yogurt with homemade jam and aforementioned granola and soft boiled eggs with freshly baked rye bread. My husband the Australian coffee snob gave their cappuccinos the stamp of approval. I stuck to green tea and their loose leaf was wonderful.



Time Out Market/Mercado Ribeira: If you are even vaguely contemplating a trip to Lisbon, you MUST go here. I had read about the market and knew we would give it a try, but we ended up eating here a couple of times because of the variety, freshness and absolute deliciousness of the food.

The first time was for lunch and I grabbed a poke bowl. I know, I know not traditional Portuguese, but again I had been eating local foods for almost the entire trip and I wanted something different. This was so fresh and delicious after many days of doing 4 course meals!

The second time we got an 8 item tasting menu. This was my favourite meal of the entire trip. This was from the Marlene Viera stall, you should definitely check it out if you head to the market.

StashaThis was our first dinner in Lisbon. I had the salmon with sun-dried tomato and mushroom risotto and Steven had the pork chops with goat cheese and a balsamic berry reduction. This place was reasonably priced (except the starters which were a bit ridiculous) and had a cool busy atmosphere. Very tight in the restaurant though so you need to be comfortable getting friendly with your neighbour 🙂

Sacramento: First off, the vibe in here is amazing. Very cool, nicely spaced and great service. We started with a meat and cheese plate figuring it would be the same small plates we had been used to elsewhere in the city. Wrong, we were given a huge plate of the most delicious meats and cheeses. Even when I am fairly full, it is hard to turn down a great meat and cheese plate. After a day of wandering on foot, we were ravenous. We were also very very full halfway through the plate and realized we would not be able to eat our mains. Which was a bit of a shame because the place is a bit pricey and neither of us was able to finish what we had ordered. Mine was the tuna steak and Steven had the salted codfish on wilted greens. Sorry for the terrible photos, the lighting was not great.

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Organi: This was another ‘I-am-sick-of-vacation-food-and-need-vegetables’ meal. This restaurant focuses on organic local ingredients and has a varying daily menu. I was starving by the time we got here, so again no pictures, but the photos on yelp and trip advisor give you a pretty accurate idea of what the food is like. We met a lovely Australian woman while we were here and had a great time.

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Santini Gelato: This was our go to gelato spot. I will preface this by saying, this is no Italian gelato. Last year around this time we were at the gelato festival in Rome and this doesn’t really compete. That did not prevent us from returning several times to try every flavour. Favourites were pistachio and vanilla. Meh and not worth ordering were caramel and chocolate.

Manteigaria: Best custard tarts in Lisbon. Yes, better than Pateis de Belem which I feel is unnecessary overrated. There, I said it.

And that’s it! I would love to hear if you hit up any of these places and want to share your experience.