Weekend Recap

This weekend was a lot slower paced than last week, but it felt so good to relax at home. On Friday night we went to visit our friends for dinner and their adorable 18 month old daughter. We brought all the fixings for a taco bar and they provided desserts from Sweetness Bakery. We had a lot of fun catching up and I was having so much fun with their little one that I forgot to take any pictures!

Saturday morning we headed out early for a hike in Dundas Valley. We included the Headwaters trail and ended up doing about 10.5 km. It was perfect weather for a hike. Charlie LOVES hiking. I was listening to an MFM episode earlier this week and they mentioned how there is no valid reason to be in the forest because dogs don’t care where they are walking.

Sage advice from myfavoritemurdershirts.com


Although I agree about the solo forest visitor caution, dogs absolutely care about where they are being walked. Charlie cannot contain his excitement when we are out on a trail. He always overexerts himself in the beginning and then starts to slow down around the 2 hour mark. This hike was about 2.5 hours and by the end of it he was totally pooped.

Charlie very clearly NOT staying out of the forest.

Dead to the world after 2.5 hours of pulling on the leash, running into nettles and barking at horses.

We debated hitting up Green Smoothie Bar for lunch, but laziness took over so we decided to make smoothies at home instead. Saturday night we went to our friend’s house for a going away party. They are moving to Vancouver and we are excited for them, but sad to see them go.

Sunday morning I headed over for a lovely SSU class with Sonya at Moksha. It was perfect after a pretty intense exercise week. The rest of the day we hung out around the house and went for a few walks with Charlie. We ended the night watching Terminator 2! When Steven found out I hadn’t watched it, he insisted this needed to be remedied ASAP. The movie was a huge hit of nostalgia. Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio had a fringe?

All in all a great weekend!