SoulCycle Review- King Street

435 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 1K4

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Confession time. I am a fitness class junkie. Mention a new fitness trend or class and I will frantically Google my way into finding a class near me. Some trends stick like the hot yoga I have regularly practiced for 7 years now while others have faded like the barre classes that gave me terrible neck and shoulder pain. One trend I have loved is spin class. Sadly, there are not great options for spin classes in Hamilton. Perhaps this is for the best because when my friend invited me for a date at the King Street SoulCycle, she warned that classes are $30 a pop. Luckily, the drive to Toronto is a fairly strong deterrent to regular attendance.

We decided to head over for a 12:15 class which was being taught by Jenna G. The studio is pretty centrally located at King & Spadina, but parking options are a bit limited if you are coming in from out of town. I was worried about being a newbie, but turns out a large portion of the class was made of new riders. There was a staff member standing at the door handing out paperwork for new students. It’s a fairly large space for a Toronto studio and has a wall of lockers with combination free for use. The women’s change room is just past the studio and fully equipped with towels and toiletries. Be warned though, those showers fill up fast!

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As for the class itself, it. was. AMAZING! I spent the entire class on a high and it just flew by. The instructor had a great energy and great music. Let me take a moment now to call out the spin classes at World Gym Hamilton (previously Phoenix) that play 70s rock music and crappy house music for their classes. The music is so terrible at those classes that I just started doing solo classes with my Aaptiv app. Music makes an enormous difference to the energy, speed and enjoyment of a spin class. I am not sure how typical my class was to most SoulCycle classes, although I intend to find out on return visits. I loved the resistance dial on the bikes. A lot of spin bikes have crazy resistance with a single turn, so I liked the flexibility their bikes offered with the resistance building fairly slowly on each turn. We did some hills, sprint intervals and a weight segment on the bike. I had to do that part without the weights since I messed my shoulder up from barre.

If you enjoy group fitness classes or high energy cardio heavy classes, I highly recommend checking them out.