Long Weekend Recap

I hope everyone enjoyed the Canada Day long weekend! The weather held up fairly well despite that unfortunate rain patch on Saturday afternoon. Even with that (really not so) minor downpour, by the time we got to Bayfront Park the sky had cleared. It was a bit squishy and muddy on the grass, but I was glad we went out for the celebration. We had a great time sitting by the water, sampling the food trucks and watching some of the buskers. Steven hit up Dirty South for a Big Pig and I had my annual Canada Day Willy Dog. The entire time I was at Mac, I never had a Willy Dog even though the stand was there all year long. So many wasted opportunities!

Due to my old man sleeping habits and the fact that Charlie was home by himself, we didn’t stay for the fireworks. I could certainly hear them from our apartment though! Thank goodness for earplugs. See aforementioned old man habits.

Sunday morning we started the day at The French. It was pretty empty with the holiday weekend so my reservations were unnecessary. As the child of free rolling Punjabi immigrants who cannot grasp the concept of “reservations” or “planning for dinner” resulting in having to eat at sketch places at even sketchier times, not having reservations gives me serious anxiety. Back to The French, I was disappointed by the inattentive service and some soggy cold fries I got with my meal. I would have sent them back, but we couldn’t get the attention of any of the four very free servers.

The atmosphere was still really beautiful and the rest of the food was done fairly well. I just wish they weren’t so inconsistent.

Sunday night we continued our “watch-movies-the-entire-world-except-Ash-has-seen” spree. We watched The Matrix Reloaded. So, the original Matrix is an amazing movie. I felt like there was just so much rich plot to go off of, even if the second one wasn’t great, it would still be very good. As the rest of the world already found out years ago, that is not the case. Anyway, I won’t go on about it since everyone except me has already had this discussion many years before and said everything there is to say.

Monday morning we headed over to Climber’s Rock for a top rope climbing session. The gym was totally empty in the morning and we made the most of it. I love when the gym is quiet and you can choose any route you want. I also appreciated the lack of young people hanging off the bouldering and crashing down. Everyone there is so lovely regardless of age, but the bouldering gives me a heart attack. My old man sensibilities cannot handle it.

The rest of the day consisted of errands with a run to Mustard Seed and refuelling at Green Bar.

Homemade pizzas for dinner to round out our holiday weekend! We have been renting an interim apartment that I am NOT fond of and I wanted to get out of our dark dining area. We set up a pizza picnic in the living room and locked Charlie in the bedroom with a puzzle toy to keep him occupied. He has to investigate literally everything.

We ended the day with a lovely walk through Dundurn Castle. Such a great way to finish the long weekend. Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and the short work week ahead!