Weekly Favourites

Here are some of my favourite things in life this week

Lazy summer night (!) at Bayfront Park


1) These 2 great articles by Lindy West:
‘Gwyneth glows like a radioactive swan’ – my day at the Goop festival
Save Free Speech From Trolls
In this political climate, Lindy West gets writing about difficult topics just right. She hits all the important points with respect and sensitivity, but with enough lightness that you do not want to hide under your bed for the next 10 years

2) The Universe has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein
Yep, it’s definitely hippie woo woo and I love it. If you are a fellow Law of Attraction believer or just want to raise your energy level, this is a great read. I don’t agree with everything she says, but I like to take what serves me and leave the rest.

1) This awesome indoor picnic charcuterie board with my favourite husband
2) So. Many. Smoothies. Hello heat wave. Thank God for Green Bar.
3) At Rapscallion tonight! So OK maybe not a favourite yet, because for some reason I actually have never been before! I know it will be awesome though.

1) Loving the awesome cardio workouts for spin and elliptical (my geriatric knees can’t handle running anymore) on Aaptiv. Not sponsored (I wish lol), they are just awesome.
2) My fav silent Follow the Yogi class at Moksha.
3) Prettiest walk around Bayfront & Pier 4 Park after dinner. Hamilton, you are so pretty.

Hope you all have a great weekend!