Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was so busy and fun, but I am definitely feeling the after effects today. I am so grateful to have the day off and to be able to rest and recover. Much napping to follow!

Friday night we hit up Rapscallion which was such a great experience. We are moving soon and I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Hamilton without having tried Rapscallion! Review to come later this week.
 Saturday morning started with Pilates in the Park hosted by Studio Zee Pilates. In my late teens-early 20s, I switched from yoga to pilates briefly and practiced regularly for a few years. Then I started doing hot yoga and pilates kind of fell away. This was a great breezy class outside and wasn’t too difficult, but I was feeling it! Luckily the weather on Saturday was gorgeous and breezy. We were under a large tree and it was so peaceful and beatiful (except for when we were doing the hundreds).

Photo credit: Studio Zee Pilates I didn’t want to creep out my fellow pilates go-ers by taking photos, but this gives you the idea!

After the class, I wandered over to Locke Street to check out the farmer’s market. I scored these beautiful peonies and some free range eggs with the best orange-y yolks. There is nothing better than drippy yolks from fresh eggs!

After a quick stop at home to eat lunch, Steven and I went over to Gage Park to have a walk around. So. many. kids. Luckily it’s a big park so we had some scream free time lol. We finished our afternoon with some Donut Monster treats at Cannon. I did a terrible job of taking pictures this weekend, but did a great job of enjoying myself.

Photo credit: Donut Monster https://www.instagram.com/p/BWP1pkflBf0/?taken-by=donutmonsterhamilton&hl=en

Sunday morning we got up bright and early to head over to Paris (don’t get too excited kids, just Paris, ON) for a kayaking trip. It was SO much fun. I haven’t had a lot of experience kayaking so I signed us up for a half day of instructional lesson followed by a 4 hour kayaking tour. It was really helpful and I felt much more confident in navigating rougher waters. I really recommend this company we went with. They do guided tours as well and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I appreciated how patient they were especially by the end when I was exhausted and slowing down. 7 hours is a long time to paddle!

Photo Credit: Grand Experiences Adventures


I totally looked just as cool and confident as our Prime Minister while kayaking. Seriously can he calm down with all his mad outdoor skills?

After the trip we were starving, but didn’t want to eat too much since we were heading to my parents’ for my brother’s birthday dinner. My parents always make 3-4 times the amount of food necessary for any event and insist that you eat 3-4 times the amount of food you feel you need to compensate for this. We stopped at Carvalho Coffee a few doors down from the Grand Experiences office. So, I heard this used to be a Brown Dog and was awesome. This was the worst food I have eaten in a long time. That includes crappy train and airplane food. Even though we were starving we ended up not finishing and walking out. It was so gross.

My parents made up for it though with a huge BBQ dinner complete with steaks, sausages, chicken and a million salad and carb sides. By the time Steven and I went to bed last night, we were exhausted, but it was so much fun! Hope everyone else had a great weekend!