Weekly Favourites

A glimpse of the best parts of my week!


Money Diaries! Anyone else obsessed with this Refinery29 feature? I love seeing how other women handle their money! Let’s be honest though, most of us are reading it for the food.

Garlic knots at Son of a Peach. Sooo good.

This AMAZING banana bread from Ambitious Kitchen. I don’t usually like banana bread very much, but this sold me. I used 1 cup all purpose and 1 cup spelt and it turned out great. Recipe here.

This delish vegan soft serve from Kelly’s. I cannot believe I am moving away from Kelly’s! Who will fulfill my Mile High Brownie needs! I have been moaning about this for days and Steven has zero sympathy. He does not understand my lactose intolerant needs.

Getting rid of stuff in preparation for our move! At a friend’s party a few weeks ago someone suggested the Hamilton Recycling Kindness Facebook group. Great place to get rid of any clothing, pantry, freezer goods or furniture you don’t need anymore. I feel so much better about cleaning the place out knowing stuff is actually going to someone who can use it.

Have a great weekend!